The Abusive Wife: Ministering to the Contentious Woman

The wife is the “unexpected” abuser/reviler in a marriage. Biblically, the term “revile” speaks of the verbal aspect of mistreatment of others. It is a “non-contact” weapon in the arsenal of the bitter, controlling person. Both in society and in the Church, it is assumed that the husband is the one who reviles the wife, yet there is a growing trend where the opposite is the case. And this trend will continue to get worse as role confusion in marriage and relationships escalates in the modern world. Men in marriages where they are reviled feel alone, judged, and hopeless. Most men in this kind of marriage suffer silently since to openly admit this problem calls into question one’s masculinity. Being reviled is so painful and debilitating that most men seriously contemplate suicide. It is no wonder then, that the sin of “reviling” requires church discipline (1 Cor. 5:11; 6:10), yet how many churches practice this? This book is a must-read both for the husband living in a reviling marriage, but also for the Pastor who wishes to minister to his people according to the Scriptures. Drawing on his vast experience as a full-time Biblical Counselor, Dr. Edgington examines this pressing issue from both his experience in counseling husbands and wives, and also from the practical application of the Word of God.

Romancing Your Savior and Your Spouse

Your relationship with your spouse should be modeled after your relationship with Jesus – and vice versa. This is good news, if you have an intimate relationship with Jesus, but not-so-good news if your relationship with Jesus is about duty and obligation. The two will usually go hand in hand. If your relationship with Jesus is warm and intimate and consists of close fellowship, it is relatively simple to have the same relationship with your spouse. And likewise, if your relationship with your spouse is warm and intimate and consists of close fellowship, you are more likely to pursue the same with your Savior.By going verse by verse through the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon – one of the most popular books for the 1st 1500 years of the church), Dr. Edgington shows the fascinating parallel between a believer’s relationship with their spouse and their relationship with Jesus their Savior. He weaves in first-hand accounts from his many years of Biblical Counseling of hurting marriages and shows how to apply the Scriptures to everyday life with love and compassion.

The Beauty of Biblical Meditation: Counseling Your Mind Through the Scriptures

Biblical Meditation is commanded in Scripture, but Bible Memory is not. This is not a statement to discourage Bible memory, but rather it is meant to encourage Bible Meditation. Biblical Meditation is:“To dwell, ponder, muse, think upon or linger upon the truths given us in God’s Word until our hearts are affected by them.”You will find Biblical Meditation to be one of the most powerful and beneficial disciplines that you will ever learn. It changes the heart more effectively than anything else we do. The key word in the above definition is the word “until.” This is more than a cursory glance at Scripture or a “read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year” program. Biblical Meditation is beautiful because it involves a deliberate, prolonged gaze whereby our hearts are moved and stirred by the Holy Spirit as He changes us through the Living Word of God. He impresses and imprints the truths of Scripture on us and stirs our affections for Jesus Christ. Biblical Meditation is about application, not just academic or intellectual exercises.

Pornography is a Murderer: The Suicide of the Soul

The title of this book may seem contradictory – porn “murders” yet your soul commits “suicide.” So, which is it – murder or suicide? Actually it is both. There is no contradiction here – the enemy of our souls uses pornography to “murder” us, yet it is we ourselves who hang ourselves with it.Pornography is a murderer, but it doesn’t just murder in isolation. It murders romance. It murders a relationship with your spouse. It murders your ability to parent your children with integrity. It murders holiness. It murders a relationship with God. It murders contentment. It murders peace. It murders your own soul. But pornography is also suicide to the soul. It is self-destructive. You yourself hollow out your own soul. You snuff out the life of the Holy Spirit in your own soul. You kill a relationship with your spouse – and with your God.If you view yourself as a “victim” of pornography, you will not find freedom. If you believe you are helpless in the face of this foe, you will not find hope. If you think God hasn’t helped you enough, you don’t know God as well as you think you do. If you see this as an “unwanted” temptation, then you don’t understand your own heart. Unless your heart changes, none of your behavior will change for very long. 

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